Monday, October 29, 2007

elinor peace bailey

One of the icons of cloth doll making, elinor has a website and a blog.


Anonymous said...

Angel: Keeper of Memories

This is a crazy quilted box with a doll head/arms.

The only problem I had with this pattern was that the instructions for attaching the arms were non-existent. I figured it out but a beginner might not. The pattern is written in elinor's 'artistic' style which to me is hard to follow.

Anonymous said...

Keeper of memories:
I foud it very difficult to make. It asked for arms that were deleted in the pattern. One who is not a doll designer is hard to do.
The Modern Woman: This is stricly for an experienced dressmaker.

Anonymous said...

The Chicken bag. The pattern was all together with lines crossing.
It was hard to copy the pattern to
cut it out. I have taken two or three classes with epb and love her as a person. This bag after years of putting it aside is still not completed. I like her pattern and wish the instructions were easier.

Carolyn said...

I give up trying to fathom an e.p.b. pattern of which I have quite a few ... although I love her quirky dolls the patterns look like the rough draft on butcher's paper ... I wont buy them anymore for this reason ... sadly as e.p.b is a wonderful ambassador for the doll world ...

Deborah Robinson said...

Others said they found it hard to follow Elinor's patterns...I didn't because you need to think quirky to create open to play and forget what other designers have taught you....think bright and a child again. I haven't tried her "keeper" so I can't comment on that pattern..but I haven't had any problems with hers that I have tried.