Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Judi Ward

Judi has probably the best online doll class available that is specifically geared to beginners. It has 4 dolls that go from a pancake doll to an advanced jointed doll. Her classes are found at Crafty College. Her website is


Heather W. said...

I think Judy Ward has more variety in her patterns than any other pattern maker I've used. Her patterns are very detailed and easy to follow. she has a great range in styles (baby to adult) plus some fantasy. I have never been disappointed by her patterns and she is very accessible on line.

mary ellen said...

Judy's patterns are a great way to learn about jointing. I believe I actually still have some of Judy's patterns from the early 80s, great way to improve your technique. After a pattern or class with Judy, you will understand a great deal more about doll construction. Besides that, her dolls are adorable!