Monday, October 29, 2007

Pam Grose

An extremely talented Australian designer, Pam does not have a website but can be contacted through email, the address of which is published in her patterns.

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Megan said...

Apart from the Dragon and the Unicorn patterns you will need the Body Instructions booklet as well as the pattern for the character you are making. Pam put all the common elements of her dolls into one document to keep the size of the individual patterns down.

I made Pam's mermaid quite early on in my dollmaking days. It was a big challenge but I went along and followed the steps (one foot after the other). My mermaid turned out spectacularly well considering the amount (or lack) of skills I had at the time. The dolls are quite a bit of work - but hugely satisfying to accomplish.

I have also done three workshops with Pam - the throne, the 3D wall sculpture and the Little Monster. I would highly recommend a class with Pam to any one. She does not teach the class but works with each person on an individual basis, helping them to develop their ideas and allowing them to work along at their own pace. She is an incredibly giving teacher with more energy than anyone can possibly have without the use of artificial stimulants! She's also an absolutely wonderful person and is a very low maintenance house guest!