Friday, March 13, 2009

Gloria Bradford

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Anonymous said...

I have been making cloth dolls for 2 years and try to make about 2 dolls a month. Seldom run into a pattern which is so incomplete, I was unable to finish it. I made all the pieces of Enchanted Fairy Cottage by Gloria Bradford and when I tried to fit it together the directions were just not understandable. Also the pieces were too small. I wrote Gloria Bradford by e-mail asking for more directions. I never heard back from her so I took it to doll club and one of the members choose to take it home with her and try to figure it out. She added pieces to the roofs to get it to fit. I really wonder how many people have bought this pattern and been so disappointed. I finally have finished the cottage and it turned out very cute. The pattern is still for sale and I wish Gloria would redo the instructions and the sizing because it really is a cute cottage.